The Smoking Truth

She a Democrat, He’s a Republican hoping to meet somewhere in the Middle

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2 days ago

In this lively episode of The Smoking Truth, Dana kicks off by sharing her birthday cigar smokes, offering a personal touch despite feeling a bit wound up from her recent chemo treatment and steroids. The conversation heats up with Mark Barker’s weekend piece on beach driving on Daytona Beach, sparking a spirited debate.
Next, we delve into the topic of recreational marijuana and its implications for the Florida Constitution. Dana then shifts gears to discuss her newfound friendship with Danny Robins.
The May 20th government decision to close a loophole on gun shows is examined, followed by a look into Title IX and the reporting of sexual battery on school property. The discussion turns to transgender rights, exploring the complexities and current issues.
As the episode progresses, we touch on the importance of civility during election periods. Dana also opens up about her past as her reelection campaign kicks off, revealing the skeletons in her closet.
Tune in for an engaging and multifaceted discussion on these pressing issues!

Tuesday May 21, 2024

**Episode Title: "Hard to Moralize Legislation"**
In this episode, we welcome special guest co-host Libertarian Joe Hannoush. We kick things off with a brief background on Joe and his journey to becoming a Libertarian.
**Topics Covered:**
- Legalizing marijuana and programs to help drug-addicted individuals.
- A humorous take on Democrats and drug-related crimes.
- Central bank digital currency.
- HR 334: Law enforcement's ability to conceal carry in gun-free zones.
- Illegal immigration.
- Free trade and Chinese-made goods.
- HB771: State government's law to break up any investments owned by China.
- County-funded recreational motocross facility.
We wrap up the show with a discussion about Joe's hometown and its closed golf course. Don't miss this engaging and informative episode!

Tuesday May 14, 2024

In the latest episode of "The Smoking Truth," hosts Eric and Dana dive into a variety of topics. They start by sharing their cigar experiences before moving on to Dana's 20th Birthday Party celebration at New Smyrna Beach. They discuss a pilot program for dogs on the beach and funds dispersed in local ordinances, including the new Hurricane emergency vehicle.
The duo also covers the appointment of a new city manager in Deltona and teases the upcoming June 6th show with two special guests. They review the amendments that have or have not passed yet and discuss political signs. Dana brings up a developer who lied to the city about the usage of land, leading to a conversation about political campaign contributions.
A Show You Don’t Want to Miss!

Sunday Apr 28, 2024

Join Dana and Eric on this episode of *The Smoking Truth* as they dive into a variety of topics! Dana is gearing up for her 38th birthday in two weeks and shares how she uses the beach to handle her anxiety and work disabilities. She surprises Eric with a gift from her recent trip to New York, sparking a discussion about his newfound love for socks.
The duo then delves into the School District of Volusia County's use of federal funds during Covid, leading to Erica's passionate rant about School Board Members. Dana counters with a discussion on the underutilization and underfunding of teachers, offering a different perspective.
Switching gears, Dana shares her experience attending the Race to Stop Suicide Event this past weekend, highlighting the importance of mental health awareness. They also touch on the Volusia County Motocross Program and the need for a rideshare program for seniors in Volusia County.
Lastly, Dana commends some Volusia County Board members for their dedication, staying after their last meeting to discuss important issues with her. Tune in for a thought-provoking and informative episode 

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Episode Title: No one talks about Developers Accountability 
Welcome to "The Smoking Truth"! In this episode, Eric and Dana start off with a mellow vibe, explaining the consistency of their show. Eric shares insights into his upbringing, touching on Dana's new kicks. Responding to fan requests, they delve into more Eastside Volusia County issues and happenings.
Then they discuss the ongoing debate over First Amendment issues in Florida schools, pondering whether school boards should be abolished.
Eric gives a shoutout to Stacy Cantù, Daytona City Commissioner, before he and Dana engage in an in-depth conversation about the proposed Motocross Project along the coast.
Shifting gears, they tackle Lake County's growth and how to manage it effectively with limited resources, ultimately focusing on the lack of accountability among developers.
Don't miss this engaging and informative episode

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

The Smoking Truth Podcast, Eric and Dana kick off with a lively discussion about their favorite cigars and the colorful characters that frequent the cigar shop upstairs. They delve into the recent League of Cities meeting, where Dana takes city officials on an eye-opening excursion to a biker bar, leading to unexpected encounters.The conversation heats up as they debate a new law in Florida regarding the use of the far left lane for passing only, sparking a passionate exchange about gun sales waiting periods. Eric goes on a rant about government officials' salaries, while Dana introduces the monthly "Chatte” for notable achievements.The show takes a rapid-fire turn with a spirited debate between a Democrat and a Republican, culminating in a melee round. Finally, they wrap up with a deep dive into theology, exploring the intersection of faith and politics. Tune in for a rollercoaster of insights and entertainment!

Episode 69 The Return of Eric

Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

Join us for an exciting episode of The Smoking Truth as we dive into the latest buzz around Central Florida! We kick things off with a lively discussion about the traffic situation, spring break madness, and the excitement of bike week.
Eric takes us on a journey with a detailed recap from Tallahassee, shedding light on which bills have passed and which ones didn't quite make the cut.
The highlight of this episode is a deep dive into the topic of recreational marijuana use. Eric and Dana spend a substantial amount of time exploring this controversial subject, sharing insights and perspectives.
But that's not all! Dana addresses a juicy rumor circulating about herself, and Eric graciously sets the record straight point by point.
In a heartwarming segment, we congratulate Mrs. 305 for his recent involvement in the trails program, highlighting his dedication to the community.
As we wrap up, we touch on some local politics and the filling of key city positions. Tune in for a well-rounded and insightful episode of The Smoking Truth!

Tuesday Mar 05, 2024

In this episode of The Smoking Truth, Dana flies solo as she bravely tackles a barrage of questions from the audience in a no-holds-barred showdown. With Eric absent, she fearlessly navigates through various topics, engaging in a battle of wits and wisdom.
Midway through the show, the unexpected happens as Eric joins live from Tallahassee and the Senate Floor. This surprise appearance adds an exciting twist, injecting a new dynamic into the conversation.
Additionally, the episode features a special segment highlighting the First Responders Valour Awards by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, celebrating the heroic actions and contributions of these individuals. Join Dana and Eric for a riveting episode filled with lively discussions and insightful commentary.
For more information on the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Valour Awards, visit [Hispanic Chamber CFL Awards](

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

Episode Description:
In Smoking Truth Episode 67, join the hosts as they welcome a special guest, Jennifer Waldo Kelly from Moms for Liberty. The episode kicks off with the usual "Who's Your Lover" segment, where the hosts share their cigar choices for the week. Additionally, listeners get a glimpse into Eric's sock preferences and Dana's rekindled love for manual labor and reconnecting with her roots.
The spotlight then shifts to the main event with Jennifer, as the hosts delve into a crucial conversation about the amendment regarding the ability to search kids' backpacks in schools. This segment explores the balance between safety and privacy, offering insightful perspectives on the matter.
Following this, the episode touches upon the challenges of concurrency and the prevailing teacher shortage, shedding light on the issues affecting education today. The hosts and Jennifer engage in a brief discussion, sharing thoughts and potential solutions to these pressing problems.
As the episode nears its end, the hosts wrap up the show with a compelling conversation about their efforts to contribute positively to society. They discuss ongoing education programs for adults and emphasize the importance of maintaining good mental health. Join in for an episode filled with thought-provoking discussions, diverse topics, and a commitment to making a difference in the community.

Tuesday Feb 06, 2024

Episode Description: In Episode 66 of The Smoking Truth podcast, the hosts kick off with their usual banter and share what they're smoking, setting the tone for a diverse and engaging conversation. 
Unexpectedly, the discussion takes a turn towards the complexities of gender identity and the challenges faced in today's world. Dana playfully teases Eric with random bursts of words, adding a lighthearted touch to the serious topics at hand.
The duo then dives into a peculiar Florida Man Story from Martin County, showcasing the bizarre and unpredictable tales that often emerge from the Sunshine State. Transitioning seamlessly, they explore the issues surrounding Medicaid and individuals having more children than they can financially support. The conversation shifts to EBT programs and Snap dollars, questioning what truly qualifies as "nutritional food."
Live Local becomes the next focal point, examining the intricacies of community life. At the 48-minute mark, the hosts zoom in on the critical topic of property insurance in Florida, navigating the storm of policies and challenges faced by residents.
The episode takes a positive turn as Eric gives a shout-out to the City of Daytona Beach for their local improvements. Wrapping up, the hosts engage in a thoughtful discussion on sustainability and growth in Volusia County, leaving listeners with a blend of humor, insight, and a deeper understanding of diverse issues. Tune in to Episode 66 for a rollercoaster of topics that mirror the 


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